Part V: Incomplete Sentences

Mark your answer on your answer sheet:

101. All shelves in the holiday merchandise section need to remain ..... stocked.

102. ..... to the exercise room is included with your stay at the Bayland Hotel.

103. Mr. Okello's promotion means that ..... will supervise a larger team.

104. Juniper Worldwide, Inc., will be ..... payroll service providers on January 1.

105. The Valletta Visitor Centre offers daily boat rides ..... the city's historic waterfront.

106. Ultrora Action's T-Pro tennis shoe is the lightest ..... on the market right now.

107. Duram Biscuit Corp. is able to ..... good deals with its wholesale suppliers.

108. At Razani Marketing, there are ..... opportunities for professional advancement.

109. Parking on Dahakno Street will be prohibited for the next few days ..... emergency repairs to water lines.

110. Accountants applying for the training must obtain a ..... from their supervisor.

111. The evaluation report will be completed ..... after the auditors inspect the laboratory.

112. In light of our recent expansion, it will be ..... to hire another administrative assistant by June 1.

113. Due to low registration, the communications workshop scheduled for July 2 will be postponed ..... further notice.

114. The initial response to the beta version of the software allows us to be ..... optimistic about future product sales.

115. Orvale School's business mentors are retired executives with a ....._ of expertise across a wide range of industries.

116. Thank you for your interest in our ..... line of compact refrigerators.

117. The judges may begin to review the entries ..... the deadline for submitting slogans has passed.

118. On his daily radio show, Trade Biz, Antonio Koslor ..... business news from all over the globe.

119. The purchase of The New Lagos Reporter will not lead to changes ..... editorial staff.

120. Professor Reginald Layke's proposal for an additional course in business management was approved in a ..... short time.

121. Caridell Science Museum trustees are expected to be ..... of all the museum's operations.

122. With the completion of its airport, Honokai Island's tourism ..... has improved dramatically

123. Brock's Bistro has requested that we ..... the number of dinner guests by Monday.

124. Doi Textiles, Inc., is well-known ..... the fashion world as being a trendsetter for young women's clothing.

125. To sign up for any class at Routen Academy, simply complete the online ..... form at

126. A reception will be held to introduce the newly ..... director of marketing to the employees of Kaulana Industries.

127. To fill two vacant positions on its benefits committee, Adidion Labs....._ employees who are ready for a challenge.

128. The software for tracking orders has been ..... successful as it has greatly decreased time spent on the task.

129. Lately the community sports program has had a surplus of volunteers, ..... are students.

130. Please use the attached survey to let us know how ..... your recent stay at the Copper Mine Inn was.