Part VI: Incomplete Sentences

Question 135 - 138 refer to following paragraph:

BRENTON (March 22)–Yesterday, Brenton Railway won a $37 million grant from the Federal Transit Agency. Thanks to the .....(1)....., construction of the proposed train terminal in Kirk Valley can now begin.

The expansion of the rail system is certainly good news for many in the community. .....(2)...... Drivers, too, are pleased about the grant. Edgar Simental, .....(3)..... lives near the planned Kirk Valley Station, says, "What a relief for commuters like me. We have had to endure steadily worsening road traffic .....(4)..... some time now. I anticipate taking the train instead of my car to work every day as soon as the station opens.”

135. __(0)__

136. __(1)__

137. __(2)__

138. __(3)__