Part VI: Incomplete Sentences

Question 139 - 142 refer to following paragraph:

To: Josephine Blum (
From: Charlie Timmer (
Re: Outstanding reviews
Date: April 2

Dear Josephine,

The other managers and I were pleased to read the recent glowing reviews in both the Gazette Daily Press and the Downtowner. We agree that your contributions to Serene Lake Restaurant have been .....(1)...... Therefore, we are happy .....(2)..... you a bonus that will be paid with your next weekly paycheck on April 8.

.....(3)....., we are raising your salary by 10 percent, effective May 1. Since you began as Executive Chef in December, our sales have more than doubled. .....(4)...... These positive trends are directly linked to your stellar performance.

Many thanks from the management team of Serene Lake Restaurant.


139. __(0)__

140. __(1)__

141. __(2)__

142. __(3)__