Part VII: Reading Comprehension

Question 151 - 152 refer to following paragraph:

Pamela Carter [3:44 P.M.]

Hi, Oswaldo. Did you look at the pictures of the East Fourth Street property?


Oswaldo Medrano [3:45 P.M.]

Yes, I did. Given that many of our designers and editors are working remotely, is all that space really necessary?


Pamela Carter [3:47 P.M.]

Yes, but as we grow more will be working on site.


Oswaldo Medrano [3:48 P.M.]

That may not be for a while, though.


Pamela Carter [3:50 P.M.]

We should consider both our immediate and long-term needs. The building offers ample room to allow for staff expansion.


Oswaldo Medrano [3:52 P.M.]

That's true. Our requirements may change. Especially when we start signing contracts with more authors.

151. At what type of business do the people most likely work?

152. At 3:52 P.M., what does Mr. Medrano most likely mean when he writes, "That's true"?