Part VII: Reading Comprehension

Question 153 - 155 refer to following paragraph:

To: Theodore Upton
From: Edith Howe
Re: Pelligrine Rental Agreement, 259 Grove Street house
Date: May 4


I just received a call from John Pelligrine. According to him, the figures in the rental agreement you e-mailed him this morning reflect the first quote he was given on April 24, not the negotiated figures agreed upon in the subsequent meeting on April 29.

Mr. Pelligrine had planned to move into the property this weekend, May 7-8, and he wants to make sure the rental paperwork is in place before he finalizes the moving arrangements. He said that he has been offered another property, also on Grove Street, and will proceed to rent that property if he cannot finalize his agreement with us by the end of office hours today.

Since I'm out of town, I will leave this urgent matter in your hands. Please contact Mr. Pelligrine immediately and e-mail him a corrected agreement. Please copy me on all correspondence regarding this matter.

Thank you.


153. Why was the e-mail written?

154. When was the agreement modified?

155. What would Ms. Howe like Mr. Upton to do?