Part VII: Reading Comprehension

Question 166 - 168 refer to following paragraph:

Matt Alcheri's Adventurous Leap

By Erika Quade, Badger Dispatch

MILWAUKEE (12 January)-Matt Alcheri has created music for dozens of films, including Seeking Eleanor, which earned him the Cinearts Award for Best Original Music. Recently, he has lent his considerable composing skills to Final Chance, a video game produced by Silhouette Gaming Systems (SGS), which has been creating interactive entertainment for 10 years now.

Mr. Alcheri was introduced to the managing director of SGS, Harry Jansson, at a social event hosted by Ms. Chandra Bixby, who, on occasion, has collaborated with Mr. Alcheri in composing film scores. Mr. Jansson proceeded to invite Mr. Alcheri to write the music for Final Chance.

In a phone interview, Mr. Alcheri said that he was "quite impressed" with the graphics and animation of Final Chance. "It left me with the sense that I was watching a movie, and so I did not hesitate to collaborate on the project," said the renowned composer. He further remarked that writing the score for the video game was virtually identical to composing the music for a movie.

"All I had to do was write music that matches the atmosphere of the various scenes depicted in the game," he added.

As for Mr. Jansson, he said in the same interview that with pre-orders for Final Chance standing currently at 200,000 copies, he has no doubt that the latest SGS product, scheduled to be released on March 20, will be a success.

166. Who is Ms. Bixby?

167. What most likely is true about Mr. Jansson?

168. What is indicated about Final Chance?