Part VII: Reading Comprehension

Question 176 - 180 refer to following paragraph:

Vogel Home Store

22 November

Ms. Helena Artemis

32 Oakhill Road, Apt. 5G

Vancouver, BC V6E 1B2

Dear Ms. Artemis:

Thank you for being a loyal Vogel Home Store customer. Our records show that you recently made a purchase with your Vogel credit card. We are conducting a brief survey about our patrons' buying experiences. We would be most appreciative if you would complete the enclosed survey, which should take about five minutes of your time. We have provided a prepaid, addressed envelope for your convenience. Customers who respond before 7 December will receive a limited edition framed print by Chelsea Artworks. Those who return a completed survey after that date will receive a voucher for 15 percent off of their next purchase.

Thank you in advance for your participation.


Rahul Sehri

Customer Relations Manager

Vogel Home Store

By taking our survey, you can help us ensure customers have the best shopping experience possible.

Name: Helena Artemis Date: 12 December

1.May we call you to further discuss your answers?

☐ Yes—phone number ..........___ ☑ No

2.Where do you go to shop at Vogel Home Store?

☑ To store location ☐ To our Web site ☐ To both

Please explain your response:

There is a Vogel Home Store close to my apartment, and I like to see your products in person before I buy them.

3.On your most recent visit to Vogel Home Store, did you find what you were looking for?

☐ Yes  ☑ Not exactly  ☐ No

Please explain your response:

You have a great selection of towels (and other home products), but you did not have the color I wanted for my kitchen. Your very accommodating sales assistant said that he could have the towels I wanted shipped from your warehouse, but I ultimately went with a different color that I could buy that night.

176. Why did Mr. Sehri write to Ms. Artemis?

177. What is indicated about Vogel Home Store?

178. In the letter, the word "conducting" is closest in meaning to

179. What will Ms. Artemis most likely receive from Vogel Home Store?

180. What does Ms. Artemis mention about Vogel Home Store?