Part VII: Reading Comprehension

Question 181 - 185 refer to following paragraph:

Trubridge Contracting

To: All Trubridge Contracting Employees
From: Trubridge Contracting Acquisitions Committee

As you know, Trubridge Contracting will officially merge with Estefen Builders on November 21. We feel that this merger will benefit both companies. Like us, Estefen specializes in commercial construction, and this merger will solidify our position at the forefront of the ever-growing Lexington City building trade. In addition, the creation of Trubridge Estefen will enable us to take on more complex development projects such as the Faust Center and the Hull Street Mall expansion.

Members of each department will meet during the week of October 20 to discuss some of the logistical details of the merger, as well as the planned expansion and renovation of the Trubridge offices so they can effectively accommodate Estefen's 113 employees. If you have questions you would like to see addressed during the meetings, please feel free to e-mail the meeting chairpersons in advance.

Note that both Stan Trubridge and Zack Estefen will attend each meeting.

Trubridge Contracting Acquisitions Committee

Department Date/Time Meeting Chairpersons
Administration Monday, Oct 20
Janine Wu, Office Manager (Trubridge Contracting)/ Ronaldo Romo, Office Manager (Estefen Builders)
Public Relations* Tuesday, Oct 21
1:00-3:00 P.M.
Jim Hoyt, Public Relations Manager (Trubridge Contracting)
Management Wednesday, Oct
22 1:00-3:00 P.M.
Eileen Crawford, Vice President (Trubridge Contracting)! Larry Field, General Manager (Estefen Builders)
Design Thursday, Oct 23
9:00-11:00 A.M.
Laura Ward, Design Team Leader (Trubridge Contracting)/ Ann Sykes, Creative Director (Estefen Builders)
*Estefen Builders does not have a public relations department. During this meeting, Zack Estefen will hear about the role current Trubridge public relations employees will play in the newly merged company.

181. What is one purpose of the memo?

182. According to the memo, what is Trubridge Contracting's area of expertise?

183. What is suggested about the employees of Estefen Builders?

184. What is indicated about Ms. Ward?

185. What will happen at the meeting on October 21?