Part VII: Reading Comprehension

Question 191 - 195 refer to following paragraph:

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Modern Art Gallery of the Bahamas

Scheduled Exhibitions

Dates Exhibition Title Description
7 May-5 October The Moon and Tides This exceptional collection of paintings and photographs by international artists, including several from Caribbean nations, demonstrates the power the moon and the sea have held over humanity for centuries.
28 May-5 October Furniture as Art We tend to think of furniture as functional, but furniture can also be art. This exhibition features a variety of unique antique and contemporary furniture from across Europe.
3 July-18 December Dance: Movement in Art Through sculptures, paintings, photographs, and video recordings, this exhibition features dance styles from Albania to Zambia and a host of other countries in between.
24 July-22 August The Photography of Burt Walters This exhibition is a collection of extraordinary photographs featuring families from around the world.

From: Melanie Nichols (
To: Carleigh De Leon (
Subject: Tickets
Date: 1 May


I just received my complimentary tickets for this season's exhibitions. I would like to get two more tickets to "Dance: Movement in Art." I believe you have my credit card information on file, so could you please charge my card and mail the additional tickets? I'm also really excited to see the "Furniture as Art" exhibition. Thank you for bringing these magnificent exhibitions to the gallery this year.

Melanie Nichols

3 May

Dear Ms. Nichols,

Thank you for your continued patronage of the Modern Art Gallery of the Bahamas. I apologize again that the exhibition you wanted to see has been canceled. Per our telephone conversation, I have enclosed two additional tickets to its replacement exhibition, "Indigenous Cultures of the Americas," which is a traveling exhibition that will also run for the same dates, 3 July-18 December. Your JPax credit card ending in 3389 has been charged $24.


Carleigh De Leon

Modern Art Gallery of the Bahamas

191. According to the Web page, what do all of the exhibitions have in common?

192. What is indicated about Ms. Nichols?

193. Which exhibition has been canceled?

194. In the letter, the word "run" is closest in meaning to

195. According to the letter, what did Ms. De Leon do for Ms. Nichols?