Part VII: Reading Comprehension

Question 196 - 200 refer to following paragraph:

To: Natasha Borzova; Rosana Trujillo; Marcus Paulet
From: Toni Anyati
Date: June 12 7:54 AM.
Subject: Office space

Hi all,

I thoroughly enjoyed our work luncheon at Motano Grill last Monday. As a fellow Silen Consultants employee, I am thrilled to be part of the team headed to Edmonton to open our first branch there. At the meeting, I sensed our shared eagerness to land our first clients and begin advising firms in Edmonton on how best to use information technology in achieving their goals.

I appreciated the thoughts shared about the kind of office space that would be ideal. I have searched for suites that meet our basic criteria and budget and have come up with a short list of possibilities for everyone to look over. Please see the attached document and respond with your comments.

Tom Anyati, Silen Consultants

2185 Rock Falls Boulevard

Open concept office/retail space in a well-developed suburban area of Edmonton with plenty of pedestrian traffic. Building has high visibility along Rock Falls Boulevard for your company sign. Super energy-efficient heating system will save you hundreds in bills every winter. Monthly lease: $1,000.

12440 Trimeck Way

First-floor office suite. Elegantly furnished. Covered on-site parking with security gates. Located at Landon Research Park, adjacent to a station on the city's main rail line, 20 minutes from downtown. Marvin Park, whose trails are very popular with joggers, is nearby. User-friendly Zemtron phone system already installed for your use. Monthly lease: $950.

5123 Office Park Drive

Free-standing, single-story building. Comes with designer furniture. Secure city parking across the street with a prearranged parking discount for renters. High-speed Internet access that can be customized to your requirements is provided. Located west of the city centre, in the 17th Street shopping district. Monthly lease: $875.

9982 Croton Avenue

Fourth-floor office suite. Covered parking garage with security access controls. Located within Edmonton's central business district. Color copier/scanner/printer/fax on-site for your use. State-of-the-art videoconferencing studio and free high-speed wireless Internet. Monthly lease: $1,000.

To: Natasha Borzova; Tom Anyati; Rosana Trujillo
From: Marcus Paulet
Date: June 15, 4:39 PM.
Re: Office space

Dear all,

Thank you, Tom, for narrowing down our search to these options. It sounds like last Monday's team-planning meeting was very productive. I had hoped to be there, but my last-minute trip to Toronto couldn't be helped. Also, it looks like I am the last to comment on this e-mail discussion, so thank you for your patience.

Rosana, I appreciate the desire to locate in a spacious executive-style office, but I really feel we shouldn't compromise on the priority of being right in the heart of downtown. Is anyone familiar with Edmonton's public transit system? It would help to know if using it to commute would be a possibility.

I also agree with Tom's idea that we should have a presence at the technology fair in Edmonton. I will try to look into it next weekend when my wife and I go up to view some housing options. Also, I will be having lunch with an Edmonton executive who used to work for Silen Consultants, thanks to a connection made by Rosana. I will report any new insights learned.

Marcus Paulet, Silen Consultants

196. Who most likely is Mr. Anyati?

197. What is one property feature that is mentioned in the attachment?

198. What is suggested about Mr. Paulet?

199. What is indicated about Ms. Trujillo?

200. Which property does Mr. Paulet likely favor?