3000 từ thông dụng - Phần 34


approve /əˈpruːv/
(v) to think that somebody/something is good, acceptable or suitable
Example: I told my mother I wanted to leave school but she didn't approve.

conflict /ˈkɒnflɪkt/
(v) a situation in which people, groups or countries disagree strongly or are involved in a serious argument
Example: Reports conflicted on how much of the aid was reaching the famine victims.

connected /kəˈnektɪd/
(adj) (of two or more things or people) having a link between them
Example: The two issues are closely connected.

control /kənˈtrəʊl/
(v) the power to make decisions about how a country, an area, an organization, etc. is run
Example: a multi-national company based in Britain but controlled from South Africa

deserve /dɪˈzɜːv/
(v) to do something or show qualities that mean a particular reaction, reward or punishment is appropriate
Example: Several other points deserve mentioning.

dog /dɒɡ/
(n) an animal with four legs and a tail, often kept as a pet or trained for work, for example hunting or guarding buildings. There are many types of dog , some of which are wild.
Example: I could hear a dog barking.

employ /ɪmˈplɔɪ/
(v) to give somebody a job to do for payment
Example: A number of people have been employed to deal with the backlog of work.

evening /ˈiːvnɪŋ/
(n) the part of the day between the afternoon and the time you go to bed
Example: the long winter evenings

farthest /ˈfɑːðɪst/
(adj) at or to the greatest distance in space or time
Example: the part of the garden farthest from the house

future /ˈfjuːtʃə(r)/
(n) the time that will come after the present or the events that will happen then
Example: What will the cities of the future look like?

grandfather /ˈɡrænfɑːðə(r)/
(n) the father of your father or mother
Example: Grandfather's diaries and letters.

group /ɡruːp/
(n) a number of people or things that are together in the same place or that are connected in some way
Example: She asked her students to get into groups of four.

heavy /ˈhevi/
(adj) weighing a lot; difficult to lift or move
Example: How heavy is it (= how much does it weigh)?

month /mʌnθ/
(n) any of the twelve periods of time into which the year is divided, for example May or June
Example: The rent is £300 per month.

motorcycle /ˈməʊtəsaɪkl/
(n) a road vehicle with two wheels, driven by an engine, with one seat for the driver and often a seat for a passenger behind the driver
Example: Riding a motorcycle can be fun and exciting, but it's also dangerous.