3000 từ thông dụng - Phần 78


admire /ədˈmaɪə(r)/
(v) to respect somebody for what they have done or to respect their qualities
Example: I really admire your enthusiasm.

advance /ədˈvɑːns/
(v) progress or a development in a particular activity or area of understanding
Example: The troops were finally given the order to advance.

advertise /ˈædvətaɪz/
(v) to tell the public about a product or a service in order to encourage people to buy or to use it
Example: The cruise was advertised as the ‘journey of a lifetime’.

alarming /əˈlɑːmɪŋ/
(adj) causing worry and fear
Example: an alarming increase in crime

band /bænd/
(n) a small group of musicians who play popular music together, often with a singer or singers
Example: She's a singer with a band.

bathroom /ˈbɑːθruːm/
(n) a room in which there is a bath, a washbasin and often a toilet
Example: Go and wash your hands in the bathroom.

capital /ˈkæpɪtl/
(adj) the most important town or city of a country or region, where the government operates from
Example: a capital offence

chart /tʃɑːt/
(n) a diagram, lists of figures, etc. that shows information
Example: a weather chart

common /ˈkɒmən/
(n) happening often; existing in large numbers or in many places
Example: We went for a walk on the common.

concerned /kənˈsɜːnd/
(adj) worried and feeling concern about something/somebody
Example: Concerned parents held a meeting.

critical /ˈkrɪtɪkl/
(adj) saying what you think is bad about somebody/something
Example: The supervisor is always very critical.

election /ɪˈlekʃn/
(n) the process of choosing a person or a group of people for a position, especially a political position, by voting
Example: to win/lose an election

finger /ˈfɪŋɡə(r)/
(n) one of the four long thin parts that stick out from the hand (or five, if the thumb is included)
Example: Hold the material between finger and thumb.

flag /flæɡ/
(n) a piece of cloth with a special coloured design on it that may be the symbol of a particular country or organization, may be used to give a signal or may have a particular meaning.
Example: The American flag was flying.

flow /fləʊ/
(v) the steady and continuous movement of something/somebody in one direction
Example: This can prevent air from flowing freely to the lungs.