3000 từ thông dụng - Phần 80


ambition /æmˈbɪʃn/
(n) something that you want to do or achieve very much
Example: His burning ambition was to study medicine.

aspect /ˈæspekt/
(n) a particular part or feature of a situation, an idea, a problem, etc.; a way in which it may be considered
Example: the most important aspect of the debate

break /breɪk/
(v) to be damaged and separated into two or more parts, as a result of force; to damage something in this way
Example: He broke the chocolate in two.

bright /braɪt/
(adj) full of light; shining strongly
Example: bright light/sunshine

cool /kuːl/
(adj) fairly cold; not hot or warm
Example: Let's sit in the shade and keep cool.

cracked /krækt/
(adj) damaged with lines in its surface but not completely broken
Example: She passed her tongue over her cracked lips and tried to speak.

curve /kɜːv/
(n) a line or surface that bends gradually; a smooth bend
Example: a pattern of straight lines and curves

electronic /ɪˌlekˈtrɒnɪk/
(adj) having or using many small parts, such as microchips , that control and direct a small electric current
Example: This dictionary is available in electronic form.

every /ˈevri/
determiner used with singular nouns to refer to all the members of a group of things or people
Example: Every one of their CDs has been a hit.

extent /ɪkˈstent/
(n) how large, important, serious, etc. something is
Example: She was exaggerating the true extent of the problem.

feather /ˈfeðə(r)/
(n) one of the many soft light parts covering a bird’s body
Example: a peacock feather

female /ˈfiːmeɪl/
(n) being a woman or a girl
Example: More females than males are employed in the factory.

latter /ˈlætə(r)/
(n) used to refer to the second of two things or people mentioned
Example: The town has a concert hall and two theatres. The latter were both built in the 1950s.

luggage /ˈlʌɡɪdʒ/
(n) bags, cases, etc. that contain somebody's clothes and things when they are travelling
Example: Can you carry the luggage upstairs?

metal /ˈmetl/
(n) a type of solid mineral substance that is usually hard and shiny and that heat and electricity can travel through, for example tin, iron and gold
Example: The frame is made of metal.