baking powder
baking powder /beɪkɪŋ ˈpaʊdə/
(n) a mixture of powders that are used to make cakes rise and become light as they are baked
Example: We need to add baking powder to make it much fluffier.

bread /bred/
(n) a type of food made from flour, water and usually yeast mixed together and baked
Example: Would you like some pieces of bread?

bread roll
bread roll /brɛd rəʊl/
(n) a small loaf of bread for one person
Example: Would you like to have some bread roll?

brown bread
brown bread /braʊn brɛd/
(n) bread that is light brown in colour, often still containing all the natural qualities of the grain in it
Example: I'd like some brown bread, please.

garlic bread
garlic bread /ˈɡɑːlɪk brɛd/
(n) bread, usually in the shape of a stick, containing or spread with butter and garlic and heated in an oven
Example: I hate garlic bread.

pastry /ˈpeɪstri/
(n) a mixture of flour, fat and water or milk that is rolled out flat to be a base or cover for a pie , etc.
Example: I need to prepare pastry.

pitta /ˈpɪtə/
(n) a type of flat bread in the shape of an oval that can be split open and filled
Example: Would you like some pitta?

sponge cake
sponge cake /spʌn(d)ʒ keɪk/
(n) a light cake made from eggs, sugar and flour, with or without fat
Example: She loves sponge cake a lot.

toast /təʊst/
(n) slices of bread that have been made brown and dry by heating them on both sides in a toaster or under a grill
Example: I like toast with honey.

white bread
white bread /wʌɪt brɛd/
(n) bread made with white flour
Example: My sister loves white bread.

yeast /jiːst/
(n) a fungus used in making beer and wine, or to make bread rise
Example: Where can we buy yeast?