Car Rentals


busy /ˈbɪzi/
(adjective) having a lot to do; perhaps not free to do something else because you are working on something
Example: Alfred was busy getting ready for his vacation

coincide /ˌkəʊɪnˈsaɪd/
(verb) to take place at the same time
Example: My cousin's wedding coincided with a holiday weekend, so it was a perfect time to rent a car and go for a drive

confusion /kənˈfjuːʒn/
(noun) a state of not being certain about what is happening, what you should do, what something means, etc.
Example: To avoid any confusion about renting the car, Yolanda asked her travel agent to make the arrangements on her behalf

contact /ˈkɑːntækt/
(noun) the act of communicating with somebody, especially regularly
Example: Manuel contacted at least a dozen car rental agencies to get the best deal

disappoint /ˌdɪsəˈpɔɪnt/
(verb) to make somebody feel sad because something that they hope for or expect to happen does not happen or is not as good as they hoped
Example: Leila was disappointed to discover that no rental cars were available the weekend she wished to travel

intend /ɪnˈtend/
(verb) to have a plan, result or purpose in your mind when you do something
Example: Do you intend to return the car to this location or to another location?

license /ˈlaɪsns/
(verb) to give somebody official permission to do, own, or use something
Example: A driver's license allows you to operate a motor vehicle legally

nervously /ˈnɜːrvəsli/
(adverb) in a worried or frightened way
Example: As we approached the city Lonnie started driving nervously, so I volunteered to drive that part of the trip

optional /ˈɑːpʃənl/
(adjective) that you can choose to do or have if you want to
Example: Check this box if you wish to have this optional insurance

tempt /tempt/
(verb) to attract somebody or make somebody want to do or have something, even if they know it is wrong
Example: I am tempted by the idea of driving across the country instead of flying

thrill /θrɪl/
(noun) a strong feeling of excitement or pleasure; an experience that gives you this feeling
Example: Just taking a vacation is thrill enough, even if we are driving instead of flying

tier /tɪr/
(noun) a row or layer of something that has several rows or layers placed one above the other
Example: If you are on a budget, I suggest you think about renting a car from our lowest tier