Doctor's Office


annually /ˈænjuəli/
(adv) once a year
Example: Everyone should get a physical exam annually

appointment /əˈpɔɪntmənt/
(n) a formal arrangement to meet or visit someone at a particular time
Example: I've got a dentist appointment at 3 o'clock.

assess /əˈses/
(v) to make a judgment about the nature or quality of someone or something
Example: The insurance rate Mr. Victor was assessed went up this year after he admitted that he had started smoking again

diagnose /ˈdaɪəɡnəʊz/
(v) to say exactly what an illness or the cause of a problem is
Example: After considering the patient's symptoms and looking at his test results, the doctor diagnosed the lump as benign

effective /ɪˈfektɪv/
(adj) producing the result that is wanted or intended
Example: Howard was pleased to find that the diet recommended by his doctor was quite effective

instrument /ˈɪnstrəmənt/
(n) a tool or device used for a particular task
Example: The senior physician carried his instruments in a black leather bag

manage /ˈmænɪdʒ/
(v) to succeed in doing something, especially something difficult
Example: The head nurse's ability to manage her staff through a difficult time caught the hospital administrator's attention

prevent /prɪˈvent/
(v) to stop someone from doing something
Example: By encouraging teenagers not to smoke, doctors are hoping to prevent many cases of cancer

recommendation /ˌrekəmenˈdeɪʃn/
(n) an official suggestion about the best thing to do
Example: It is important to follow the doctor's recommendations if you want to improve your health

record /ˈrekɔːd/
(n) a written account of something that is kept so that it can be looked at and used in the future
Example: You should keep a record of your expenses

refer /rɪˈfɜː(r)/
(v) to mention or speak about someone or something
Example: As soon as Agnes referred to the failed treatment, everyone's mood soured

serious /ˈsɪəriəs/
(adj) bad or dangerous
Example: For her dissertation, she made a serious study of women's health care needs in developing nations