check out
check out /tʃek aʊt/
(phrasal verb) to be found to be true or acceptable after being examined
Example: When do you check out?

concierge /ˈkɒnsieəʒ/
(n) a person in a hotel whose job is to help guests by giving them information, arranging theatre tickets, etc.
Example: I am a concierge in York hotel.

doorman /ˈdɔːmən/
(n) a man, often in uniform, whose job is to stand at the entrance to a large building such as a hotel or a theatre, and open the door for visitors, find them taxis, etc.
Example: My son is a doorman of that hotel.

receptionist /rɪˈsepʃənɪst/
(n) a person whose job is to deal with people arriving at or phoning a hotel, an office building, a doctor’s surgery, etc.
Example: She is a hotel receptionist.

room service
room service /ˈruːm sɜːvɪs/
(n) a service provided in a hotel, by which guests can order food and drink to be brought to their rooms
Example: This hotel is famous for its good room service.

vacancy /ˈveɪkənsi/
(n) a job that is available for somebody to do
Example: Her going on maternity leave will create a temporary vacancy.