Household items


battery /ˈbætəri/
(noun) a device that is placed inside a car engine, clock, radio, etc. and that produces the electricity that makes it work
Example: Please charge the battery; it is very low now.

needle /ˈniːdl/
(noun) a small thin piece of steel that you use for sewing , with a point at one end and a hole for the thread at the other
Example: The compass needle was pointing north.

glue /ɡluː/
(noun) a sticky substance that is used for joining things together
Example: He sticks to her like glue.

thread /θred/
(noun) a thin string of cotton, wool, silk, etc. used for sewing or making cloth
Example: You should sew with cotton thread.

household item
household item /ˈhaʊshəʊld ˈʌɪtəm/
Example: I need to buy some household items.

candle /ˈkændl/
(noun) a round stick of wax with a piece of string (called a wick ) through the middle that is lit to give light as it burns
Example: They light candles and kneel down to pray before the image.

lighter /ˈlaɪtər/
(noun) a small device that produces a flame for lighting cigarettes, etc.
Example: He lit a cigarette with his gold lighter.

fuse /fjuːz/
(noun) a small wire or device inside a piece of electrical equipment that breaks and stops the current if the flow of electricity is too strong
Example: Electrical systems using fuses may work just fine.

safety pin
safety pin /ˈseɪfti pɪn/
(noun) a pin with a point bent back towards the head, that is covered when closed so that it cannot hurt you
Example: My grandmother often uses safety pin to keep her keys.

bin bag
bin bag /ˈbɪn bæɡ/
(noun) a large plastic bag for putting rubbish in
Example: Five minutes later he left carrying a plastic bin bag.