Part 4 - News report/Radio broadcasts


Commute /kəˈmjuːt/
(verb) to travel regularly by bus, train, car, etc. between your place of work and your home
Example: He commutes to work every day by train.

Be glad to do sth
Be glad to do sth /biː/ /glæd/ /tuː/
Example: I'm glad to see all of you here in the training session.

In order to do sth
In order to do sth /ɪn/ /ˈɔːdə/ /tuː/
Example: In order to enhance our productivity, we decided to upgrade the Internet system.

Get used to sth/ doing sth
Get used to sth/ doing sth /gɛt/ /juːzd/ /tuː/
Example: We'd like you to get used to our new inventory software program.

To be well organized
To be well organized /tuː/ /biː/ /wɛl/ /ˈɔːgənaɪzd/
Example: I'm sure this program will help you keep our stock well organized.

Have an interview with sb
Have an interview with sb /hæv/ /ən/ /ˈɪntəvjuː/ /wɪð/
Example: we have a special interview with Gary Houston.

Be responsible (for doing sth)
Be responsible (for doing sth) /biː/ /rɪsˈpɒnsəbl/ (/fɔː/ /ˈdu(ː)ɪŋ/
Example: He is responsible for making our Web site truly interactive.

Have a company picnic
Have a company picnic /hæv/ /ə/ /ˈkʌmpəni/ /ˈpɪknɪk/
Example: The staff will have a company picnic this weekend.

Hire new employees
Hire new employees /ˈhaɪə/ /njuː/ /ˌɛmplɔɪˈiːz/
Example: The officer is hiring some new employees.

Attend a conference
Attend a conference /əˈtɛnd/ /ə/ /ˈkɒnfərəns/
Example: We are attending a conference in the meeting hall.

Order supplies
Order supplies /ˈɔːdə/ /səˈplaɪz/
Example: She's ordering supplies for the office.

Take a vacation
Take a vacation /teɪk/ /ə/ /vəˈkeɪʃən/
Example: The President is going to take a vacation next week and Mr. Park will be in charge of the company while

Start a small business
Start a small business /stɑːt/ /ə/ /smɔːl/ /ˈbɪznɪs/
Example: Our company decided to start a small business in food and beverage industry.

Write a list
Write a list /raɪt/ /ə/ /lɪst/
Example: I wrote a list of names and job titles

drop to/ into
drop to/ into /drɒp/ /tuː// /ˈɪntuː/
Example: The temperatures there will drop into the low 70s.

continue to do sth
continue to do sth /kənˈtɪnju(ː)/ /tuː/
Example: Coast weather will continue to be warm and sunny for the next two days.

At the start of sth
At the start of sth /æt/ /ðə/ /stɑːt/ /ɒv/
Example: At the start of next week, we expect some clearing in the north.

Predict to do sth
Predict to do sth /prɪˈdɪkt/ /tuː/ /duː/
Example: The storm is predicted to strike southern Florida early this evening.

Weather update
Weather update /ˈwɛðər/ /ʌpˈdeɪt/
Example: This is Tony Malloy with a valley weather update

Expect sth/ to do sth
Expect sth/ to do sth /ɪksˈpɛkt/
Example: We're expecting afternoon clearing with partly cloudy skies

Chance of sth
Chance of sth /ʧɑːns/ /ɒv/
Example: Chance of rain is 40 percent today but drops to 10 percent by Friday.

A blanket of snow
A blanket of snow /ə/ /ˈblæŋkɪt/ /ɒv/ /snəʊ/
Example: This morning we discovered a blanket of snow in the garden.

A drop of rain
A drop of rain /ə/ /drɒp/ /ɒv/ /reɪn/
Example: There was not even a single drop of rain.

Gloomy weather
Gloomy weather /ˈgluːmi/ /ˈwɛðə/
Example: The gloomy weather is depressing.

Rain cats and dogs
Rain cats and dogs /reɪn/ /kæts/ /ænd/ /dɒgz/
Example: I am soaking wet because it is raining cats and dogs.

Head to sth
Head to sth /hɛd/ /tuː/
Example: Let's head east to avoid the traffic.

Interchange /ˈɪntərtʃeɪndʒ/
(noun) the act of sharing or exchanging something, especially ideas or information
Example: The downtown interchange is closed due to construction.

Shift to sth
Shift to sth /ʃɪft/ /tuː/
Example: We ought to shift to the center lane to pass these slow-moving cars.

Bottleneck /ˈbɑːtlnek/
(noun) a narrow or busy section of road where the traffic often gets slower and stops
Example: There is a huge bottleneck in traffic at the intersection of Center and State Street.

Car crash
Car crash /ˈkɑːr kræʃ/
(noun) an accident in which a car hits something, for example another vehicle, usually causing damage and often killing or injuring the passengers
Example: There was a car crash on the ring road.

Bumper-to- bumper
Bumper-to- bumper /ˈbʌmpə/-/tuː/- /ˈbʌmpə/
Example: The cars on the highway are bumper to bumper right now

Congestion /kənˈdʒestʃən/
(noun) the state of being crowded and full of traffic
Example: Rising traffic congestion is an inescapable condition in large and growing metropolitan areas