order /ˈɔːrdər/
(noun) the way in which people or things are placed or arranged in relation to each other
Example: The customer placed an order for ten new chairs

reservation /ˌrezərˈveɪʃn/
(noun) an arrangement for a seat on a plane or train, a room in a hotel, etc. to be kept for you
Example: I know I made a reservation for tonight, but the hotel staff has no record of it in the system

service /ˈsɜːrvɪs/
(noun) a system that provides something that the public needs, organized by the government or a private company
Example: The food was good but the service was very slow.

breakfast /ˈbrekfəst/
(noun) the first meal of the day
Example: What time do you have breakfast?

bar /bɑːr/
(noun) a place where you can buy and drink alcoholic and other drinks
Example: We arranged to meet in a bar called the Flamingo.

bowl /bəʊl/
(noun) a deep round dish with a wide open top, used especially for holding food or liquid
Example: I would like a bowl of noodles.

knife /naɪf/
(noun) a sharp blade (= metal edge) with a handle, used for cutting or as a weapon
Example: Use a sharp knife to cut the melon into sections.

meal /miːl/
(noun) an occasion when people eat food, especially breakfast, lunch or dinner
Example: What time would you like your evening meal?

salad /ˈsæləd/
(noun) a mixture of raw vegetables such as lettuce , tomato and cucumber , usually served with other food as part of a meal
Example: Anna eats a mixed salad with some fruit.

lunch /lʌntʃ/
(noun) a meal eaten in the middle of the day
Example: I often have lunch at 11 o'clock.

guest /ɡest/
(noun) a person that you have invited to your house or to a particular event that you are paying for
Example: I have two guests coming to dinner tonight.

menu /ˈmenjuː/
(noun) a list of the food that is available at a restaurant or to be served at a meal
Example: The chef put together a special menu of drinks and dishes employing chocolate.

plate /pleɪt/
(noun) a flat, usually round, dish that you put food on
Example: There's still a lot of food on your plate.

glass /ɡlæs/
(noun) a hard, usually clear, substance used, for example, for making windows and bottles
Example: I cut myself on a piece of broken glass.

billion /ˈbɪljən/
(number) 1 000 000 000; one thousand million
Example: Worldwide sales reached 2.5 billion.

dinner /ˈdɪnər/
(noun) the main meal of the day, eaten either in the middle of the day or in the evening
Example: I always have dinner with my family.

wine /waɪn/
(noun) an alcoholic drink made from the juice of grapes that has been left to ferment . There are many different kinds of wine .
Example: My father sometimes drinks wine.

tip /tɪp/
(noun) a small piece of advice about something practical
Example: He gave the waiter a generous tip.

restaurant /ˈrestrɑːnt/
(noun) a place where you can buy and eat a meal
Example: We're going to try this Italian restaurant that just opened.

main course
main course /meɪn kɔːrs/
(noun) the main or largest part of the meal
Example: I had salmon, rice and broccoli as a main course.

napkin /ˈnæpkɪn/
(noun) a piece of cloth or paper used at meals for protecting your clothes and cleaning your lips and fingers
Example: Sometimes I don’t use cloth napkins.

cutlery /ˈkʌtləri/
(noun) knives, forks and spoons, used for eating and serving food
Example: Put the cutlery in the drawer.

drink /drɪŋk/
(noun) a liquid for drinking; an amount of a liquid that you drink
Example: Can I have a drink?

combo /ˈkɑːmbəʊ/
(noun) a number of different things combined together, especially different types of food
Example: I'll have the burrito and taco combo, please.

side dish
side dish /saɪd dɪʃ/
(noun) a small amount of food, for example a salad, served with the main course of a meal
Example: Side dish usually includes vegetables.

speciality /ˌspeʃiˈæləti/
(noun) a type of food or product that a restaurant or place is famous for because it is so good
Example: Seafood is a speciality on the island.

dessert /dɪˈzɜːrt/
(noun) sweet food eaten at the end of a meal
Example: What's for dessert?

waiter /ˈweɪtər/
(noun) a man whose job is to serve customers at their tables in a restaurant, etc.
Example: Waiter, could you bring me some water?

coupon /ˈkuːpɑːn/
(noun) a small piece of printed paper that you can exchange for something or that gives you the right to buy something at a cheaper price than normal
Example: With this coupon you can have a free dinner in our restaurant.