fishing /ˈfɪʃɪŋ/
(noun) the sport or business of catching fish
Example: They often go fishing.

football /ˈfʊtbɔːl/
(noun) a game played by two teams of 11 players, using a round ball that players kick up and down the playing field. Teams try to kick the ball into the other team’s goal.
Example: The kids were outside playing football.

cycling /ˈsaɪklɪŋ/
(noun) the sport or activity of riding a bicycle
Example: Cycling is Europe's second most popular sport.

winner /ˈwɪnər/
(noun) a person, a team, an animal, etc. that wins something
Example: Johnson rode his 48th winner of the year.

sport /spɔːrt/
(noun) activity that you do for pleasure and that needs physical effort or skill, usually done in a special area and according to fixed rules
Example: I like this sport.

shooting /ˈʃuːtɪŋ/
(noun) a situation in which a person is shot with a gun
Example: He goes shooting most weekends.

sports /spɔːrt/
(noun) activity that you do for pleasure and that needs physical effort or skill, usually done in a special area and according to fixed rules
Example: There are excellent facilities for sport and recreation.

basketball /ˈbæskɪtbɔːl/
(noun) a game played by two teams of five players, using a large ball which players try to throw into a high net hanging from a ring
Example: He likes playing basketball.

volleyball /ˈvɑːlibɔːl/
(noun) a game in which two teams of six players use their hands to hit a large ball backwards and forwards over a high net while trying not to let the ball touch the ground on their own side
Example: My brother plays volleyball very well.

badminton /ˈbædmɪntən/
(noun) a game like tennis played by two or four people, usually indoors. Players hit a small light kind of ball, originally with feathers around it (= a shuttlecock ) across a high net using a racket .
Example: Badminton is her favourite kind of sport.

archery /ˈɑːrtʃəri/
(noun) the art or sport of shooting arrows with a bow

rock climbing
rock climbing /ˈrɑːk klaɪmɪŋ/
(noun) the sport or activity of climbing steep rock surfaces

skateboarding /ˈskeɪtbɔːrdɪŋ/
(noun) the sport or activity of riding on a skateboard
Example: I like skateboarding.

rollerblading / /ˈrəʊləbleɪdɪŋ/ /
enlarge imagethe sport or activity of moving along using in-line skates
Example: We did a lot of rollerblading on vacation.

athletics /æθˈletɪks/
(noun) sports such as running, jumping and throwing that people compete in
Example: Students are involved in all forms of college athletics.

boxing /ˈbɑːksɪŋ/
(noun) a sport in which two people fight each other with their hands, while wearing very large thick gloves (called boxing gloves )
Example: I think boxing is too dangerous.

golf /ɡɑːlf/
(noun) a game played over a large area of ground using sticks with a special shape to hit a small hard ball (a golf ball ) into a series of 9 or 18 holes, using as few shots as possible

darts /dɑːrt/
(noun) a small pointed object, sometimes with feathers to help it fly, that is shot as a weapon or thrown in the game of darts
Example: Do you like darts?

diving /ˈdaɪvɪŋ/
(noun) the sport or activity of diving into water with your head and arms first

skiing /ˈskiːɪŋ/
(noun) the sport or activity of moving over snow on skis

billiard /ˈbɪljərd/
(adjective) used for or connected with the game of billiards

gymnastics /dʒɪmˈnæstɪks/
(noun) physical exercises, often using special equipment, that develop and show the body’s strength and ability to move and bend easily, often done as a sport in competitions
Example: The US women's gymnastics team has 12 members.

martial arts
martial arts /ˌmɑːrʃl ˈɑːrt/
(noun) any of the fighting sports that include judo and karate
Example: Kung fu and karate are martial arts.

weightlifting /ˈweɪtlɪftɪŋ/
(noun) the sport or activity of lifting heavy weights
Example: Of all the sports, I like weightlifting the best.

bodybuilding /ˈbɑːdibɪldɪŋ/
(noun) the activity of doing regular exercises in order to make your muscles bigger and stronger
Example: Bodybuilding helps make your muscles bigger.

wrestling /ˈreslɪŋ/
(noun) a sport in which two people fight by holding each other and trying to throw or force their opponent to the ground
Example: Is wrestling the most popular in Eastern countries?

mountaineering /ˌmaʊntnˈɪrɪŋ/
(noun) the sport or activity of climbing mountains

motor racing
motor racing /ˈməʊtər reɪsɪŋ/
(noun) the sport of racing fast cars on a special track

bowling /ˈbəʊlɪŋ/
(noun) a game in which players roll heavy balls (called bowls ) along a special track towards a group of pins (= objects that are like bottles in shape) and try to knock over as many of them as possible

windsurfing /ˈwɪndsɜːrfɪŋ/
(noun) the sport of sailing on water standing on a windsurfer

chess /tʃes/
(noun) a game for two people played on a board marked with black and white squares on which each playing piece (representing a king, queen, castle, etc.) is moved according to special rules. The aim is to put the other player’s king in a position from which it cannot escape (= to checkmate it) .

loser /ˈluːzər/
(noun) a person who is defeated in a competition
Example: The real losers in all of this are the students.