paint /peɪnt/
(noun) a liquid that is put on surfaces to give them a particular colour; a layer of this liquid when it has dried on a surface
Example: We've had the house painted.

tool /tuːl/
(noun) an instrument such as a hammer , screwdriver , saw , etc. that you hold in your hand and use for making things, repairing things, etc.
Example: a cutting tool

scissors /ˈsɪzərz/
(noun) a tool for cutting paper or cloth, that has two sharp blades (= cutting edges) with handles, joined together in the middle
Example: What are the scissors for?

toolbox /ˈtuːlbɑːks/
(noun) a box with a lid (= cover) for keeping tools in
Example: You need to have a toolbox at home.

mallet /ˈmælɪt/
(noun) a wooden tool with a long handle and a large head, used for hitting things
Example: Can you give me that mallet, please?

pliers /ˈplaɪərz/
(noun) a metal tool with handles, used for holding things and twisting and cutting wire
Example: I need to buy new pliers.

spanner /ˈspænər/
(noun) a metal tool with an end with a special shape for holding and turning nuts and bolts (= small metal rings and pins that hold things together)
Example: He has just bought new spanner.

stepladder /ˈsteplædər/
(noun) a short ladder that is made of two parts, one with steps, that are joined together at the top, so that it can stand on its own or be folded flat for carrying or storing
Example: Son, give me that stepladder.

paintbrush /ˈpeɪntbrʌʃ/
(noun) a brush that is used for painting
Example: Tom picked up a paintbrush and started painting the picture.

spirit level
spirit level /ˈspɪrɪt levl/
(noun) a device used to test whether a surface is level, consisting of a glass tube partly filled with liquid with a bubble of air inside. The position of the bubble indicates whether the surface is level.
Example: Could you help me hold this spirit level?

penknife /ˈpennaɪf/
(noun) a small knife with one or more metal blades that fold down into the handle
Example: It's good to bring a penknife when travelling.